Friday, May 19, 2006

Russia # 302 (2003)The present Winter Palace was built in 1754-1762. First it was a small wooden house, then two centuries later it became a huge palace complex and became one of the largest and beautiful St.Petersburg buildings. It has all the elements of the Baroque taste: the combination of imagery and gilding. The 176 sculptures on the roof of the building accentuate the gravity of the building.

Russia # 301 ( 2003)The Neva is a river in Leningrad region. It is the main thoroughfare of St.Petersburg. It is crossed by 10 bridges, including 8 drawbridges. The Neva has bold shores, but most of them have embankments. Several upper platforms of the embankments are figured with sculptures of sphinges, one of which is featured on the stamp.

Russia # 300 (minisheet). The 100th anniversary of the Russian Navy underwater forces.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Russia # 225 (To my friend in Canada). 2003. July, 31. The 100th birth anniversary of N.I.Sac, a stage manager. On the cover you can see the fragment from the ballet for children "Blue Bird" and inscription "Ballet- Fairytale "Blue-Bird" , author M Meterlink, N.I.Sac Moscow State Academic Musical theater for children.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Russia # 224 (2005. June, 1. "FAUNA". Russia-DPRK Joint Issue. )

Russia # 223 (2003) Souvenir sheet Paper - coated; manufacturing process - offset + embossed printing + embossed printing + thermography + 24 carat gold foil; perforation - frame 13; souvenir sheet size 165?70 mm; multicolor.)
The margins of the souvenir sheet bear the graphic sketch of the St.Peter and Paul Fortress, the Palace embankment, the Rostral Column and the emblem of celebration of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. The stamp of the souvenir sheet features the monument of Peter I "The Bronze Horseman" by E. Falkonet. The souvenir sheet also features the CIS summit emblem.

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